• 22 Sport


    The All-New Contender 22 Sport sets its focus on family entertaining and cruising without taking away from the fishability that Contender's are known for.

  • 24 Sport


    When you think of a multi-purpose boat, you are picturing the 24 Sport. This boat appeases to family boaters and anglers alike.

What’s New  
All-New 22 Sport Unveiled     |    



Contender Boats Introduces the all new 22' and 24' Sport replacing the 21 and 23 Open.

 We wanted to round out our small boat class by introducing two models that would be capable of both fishing, and entertaining family equally well. It was important to us that when we introduced the all-new 22 Sport and 24 Sport, that any family friendly features we included would not deminish the fishiability of the vessel. Not only do we feel we succeeded at that, but we feel that these features actually enhance the fishability of the boats.

New Models  
22 Sport 24 Sport

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